Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh | You Can't Miss

Bangladesh is the land of green countryside , natural wonders , colorful culture life and also serpentine river . It is dream destination for the tourists and it also has mind blowing sites to die . Bangladesh has many famous tourists attractions like historical buildings , landscapes and largest forest and longest sea beach , hotels , monuments , picnic spots museum also across the country in the Bangladesh . That’s why tourism destination is Bangladesh are creating much fuss all around the world. Some of the best tourist places in Bangladesh are as following

1. Cox’s Bazar:

    Cox’s Bazar is the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world, 125 km in length. It is the most popular tourist spot among the locals in Bangladesh. Perfect place to relax in the end of a long trip. To avoid the crowd,

    stay on a resort with their own private beach. The Wholesale Fish Market in Cox’s Bazar would be an interesting place to visit while you are here. Cox’s Bazar comes as number twelve on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

    2. The Sundarbans:

    The Sundarbans are located at the point where the mighty waterways of the Brahmaputra and the scared Ganges crash into each other at the edge of the Bay of Bengal. As you would expect, the area is also covered in spectacular wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will find Bengal tigers stalking the mangroves as well as rhesus macaques swinging in the canopies. Other highlights include chitals and you will also find local huts dotted around the area and hiding beneath waxy palm trees.

    3. Chittagong Hill-Tracts:

    Chittagong Hill-Tracts area is a naturally beautiful place full of beautiful hills. It is home of many tribal group of Bangladesh. This is the best place in Bangladesh for adventure travel. You can trek deep inside the hills for many days here if you can manage permission from the local authority. Also you can meet different tribal groups in this region and see their lifestyle. The most beautiful river in Bangladesh called Sangu river is located in this area. A boat ride in Sangu during monsoon could be a great experience. Chittagong hill-tracts come as number two on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

    4. Srimangal:

    Srimangal is the tea-growing capital of Bangladesh and the area is a riot of different hues of green. The area is famous for its rains which help the tea to grow and you will find a sea of different plantations here as you explore the highlands and the hamlets that make up Srimangal. On a trip here make sure to visit a local tea processing plant which will usually include a trip to a tasting house so that you can enjoy a cup of fragrant tea whilst enjoying the views over the rippling fields. Hiking is also poplar in the area although the undulating landscapes mean that some hikes are more challenging than others.

    5. Rangamati:

    Rangamati is a district of Chittagong Hill-Tracts area. Main reason to visit this place is the Kaptai Lake. It is a naturally beautiful manmade lake surrounded by beautiful hills. Best thing to do at Rangamati is enjoying boat ride on the Kaptai Lake for the whole day. Rangamati is also home of many tribal groups. You can visit their handicraft market here to buy some fine quality handmade fabrics. There is a Buddhist monastery called Rajban Bihara which is also worth visiting. Rangamati comes as number four on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

    6. Bandarban:

    Surrounded by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that rise to nearly 1,000 meters above sea level is the stunning town of Bandaran. The area is covered in misty green and is home to tobacco farms and hilltop lookouts and there is also a lively bazaar where you will find arts and crafts from the Shan tribes from Myanmar across the border. Other reasons to come here include lazy bamboo boat rides along the majestic River Sangu as well as the mighty Nilgiri Hill and the crashing waters of the Jadipai Waterfall.

    7. Saint Martin’s Island:

    The little enclave of Saint Martin is like nowhere else in Bangladesh as this is the only coral island in the country. The region is covered in shifting sands and lapping seas, all nestled close to coconut groves. In many ways it looks more like the Caribbean than South Asia, and you will find delicious seafood here including fiery curries. Scuba diving is also a popular pastime, so if you want to check out some of the country’s amazing aquatic life then this is the place to do it.

    8. Kuakata:

    Kuakata Beach juts out into the Indian Ocean from the southern side of the river islands of central Bangladesh. One of the great reasons to come here is to watch the sunset over the sea with the glowing Sundarbans in the distance. The beach is fringed with tropical palm trees and you will also find small rivers that cut through the land to the Bay of Bengal. This area of Bangladesh is less visited by tourists so if you are looking for the road less traveled then this is a good spot to choose. Some of the people you will see here are the local fisherman and you can sample delicious curried crab and lobster.

    9. Sylhet:

    Located in the lush highlands of the north of the country, Sylhet is covered in tropical forests and tea plantations. This part of Bangladesh has a history that dates back 800 years and you will find Hindu shrines in Jaflong that are slowly being taken over by the lush shrubbery. In the center of Sylhet you will find markets selling piles of tea leaves and locals cycling around town. You will also find the Bangladesh-India border here at Tamabil-Jaflong as well as the Lawacherra Rainforest which is known for its resident leopards.

    10. Sonargaon:

    Sonargaon was the old capital of Bengal in the medieval period. It was a mint capital beside Gaur. Although gone is the heritage of the old capital, there still are some interesting thing to spend a day in Sonargaon. The main attraction to visit Sonargaon would be the abandoned merchant city Panam Nagar. Built on the colonial period, this was a city of wealthy Hindu merchants to fled to India during a riots after the partition in the sub continent. They intended to return someday, which never happened. Now this is a fully abandoned city of 52 houses built on a single street. Other attractions of Sonargaon is 15th century Goaldi Mosque and the Folk-arts and Crafts Museum. Sonargaon comes as number thirteen on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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